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60 Minutes to Better Furniture Design – Frank Strazza Webinar

Inspired to Design Your Own Furniture While the journey of each woodworker today is unique in its details, there generally tends to be a common thread through each of them. They dabble in woodworking at first, find that it fascinates them and then turn toward more seriously pursuing this craft. There are a myriad of […]

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how to choose a sharpening stone

How To Choose a Sharpening Stone, Part 4: What I Use

See our previous posts on how to choose a sharpening stone. In view of what I’ve learned from many years of experience using different sharpening stone systems, I’ve settled on using the diamond stones mentioned in the previous post, following the finest diamond stone with a hard translucent oil stone. I’ve chosen this stone because it’s hard, […]

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diamond stones

How to Choose a Sharpening Stone, Part 3: Diamond Stones

See our previous posts on how to choose a sharpening stone. Similar to the other types of stones, diamond stones come in different grits. One thing to keep in mind with all sharpening stones is that the Japanese grit system is different from the American grit system. So when I talk about an 8,000-grit water stone, it’s different […]

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oil stones

How to Choose a Sharpening Stone, Part 2: Oil Stones

See our previous post on water stones. Now we move on to oil stones. There are many different types of oil stones available, from man-made to natural oil stones. They’re harder than the water stones but they also wear out. They also do need to be flattened from time to time, especially the coarser ones as […]

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How To Choose a Sharpening Stone, Part 1: Water Stones

I think that sharpening is one of the most important aspects to hand tool woodworking. As my tools become dull, I’ve found that the quality of my work also goes down. So therefore, it’s extremely important that your tools are razor sharp. In this blog tutorial series, we’re going to go over sharpening all edge tools: […]

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How to Make a Benchtop Shaving Horse

I ran across this Benchtop Shaving Horse the other day in an old Living Woods magazine. It was designed by Nick Gibbs for the Forest Education Initiative in the U.K., based on an idea for standing horses shown in an earlier Living Woods by James Mursell and Bob Slade. What makes this interesting is that it’s great if you don’t have […]

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Out of space? No problem with Shop Size here!

One common woodworking question is, “How large should my shop be?” It seems that woodworkers always need more space. (If only we could fit that next dream machine!) Even if you’ve got a shop space already, it’s often smaller than most of us would like–a garage, spare room, or closet sometimes just doesn’t seem big enough. […]

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