60 Minutes to Better Furniture Design – Frank Strazza Webinar

Inspired to Design Your Own Furniture

photo 2While the journey of each woodworker today is unique in its details, there generally tends to be a common thread through each of them. They dabble in woodworking at first, find that it fascinates them and then turn toward more seriously pursuing this craft. There are a myriad of ways to be educated and find inspiration in these many and  multi-faceted skills including classes, periodicals,  seminars, and clubs.

But there always seems to be a time when we woodworkers visit a show or magazine where someone’s work is displayed that demonstrates a stunning level of  mastery and beauty that we crave to emulate in our own workshops. We all know the feeling-admiration mingled with the hanging question….How did they do this? How many of us have left a show wondering, “How do I get from here to there?”

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The first and most important step in this process is design. It is the seed, the blueprint bringing the ideas, the historical relevance, the various mediums and the delightfully varied techniques available all into agreement and aesthetic balance.

T7018_revisedIf you have ever wished you could climb into the mind of a master woodworker as he navigates the designing process, this is exactly what you are invited to do in Frank’s upcoming live webinar with Popular Woodworking, “60 Minutes to Better Furniture Design”. Frank will walk you step by step through the course of designing that has proven successful for his award-winning furniture time and time again. Drawing from Frank’s own first pencil sketches and where the inspiration began then journeying through to the finished pieces, we welcome all level of  woodworkers into the exciting world of designing your own masterpieces in a way that is simple and fantastically inspiring.

Update: Webinar now available for download on Popular Woodworking’s online store!

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