Blanket Chest Class

It’s been a little while, and I thought I’d update you all. We had a wonderful class this past week, three wonderful students, lots of sawing, chiseling, planing and scraping. We did two chests in Cherry and one in Walnut. I thought I’d show some of the dovetails, all cut by hand. It does take some time, but we enjoyed it. We used Curly Maple for the raised panels. The lids have mortise and tenon joinery for the frame, and the panel floats in a groove all around to allow wood movement in case the humidity changes. (Every so often it seems to change here in central Texas.) The inside bottom board is Aromatic Cedar to ward off moths.




Here is a nice set of tails all cut.



Here the tails side is being traced onto the pins.

Tracing tails



Chiseling the tails. In the background are a couple of Windsor chairs that one of the guys is making, and I just posted a Windsor chair class on our schedule in May in case anyone is interested. 🙂 Happy Woodworking!



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  1. Joe Zuerker February 27, 2019 at 2:57 PM #

    Keep up the great job you are doing Mark and company