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Hound’s Tooth Dovetail Series 1 of 3

In this 3- part series, Heritage School of Woodworking Instructor Frank Strazza demonstrates the layout, cutting and fitting of a Hound Tooth’s needlepoint dovetail as part of a split-top Roubo workbench he’s currently building. Video Transcript: Hi, my name is Frank Strazza with the Heritage School of Woodworking, and in this video, I want to […]

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A drawboring demonstration.

Instructor Frank Strazza demonstrates the centuries old technique of drawboring joinery during the construction of a traditional Roubo workbench. The bench is constructed using hard maple. Frank is pegging the mortise and tenons using oak pegs. Watch as he uses a 3 lb. sledge hammer to drive the pegs home, drawing the joint closed with not […]

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