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Workbench Class Days 5-6. Dog run!

Friday: Flattened the dog run in preparation for extending the top tenons. Used a square, knife and chisel making sure the shoulder on the top remained straight all the way across the top. Next cut the groove in the end caps to fit the tenons on the top and cleaned the corners with the chisel, […]

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Workbench Class, Day 10: Last Day! Whew!

Thursday: last day of the class. We bolted the bases together and lag bolted the base to the top. The project finally started to look like a workbench! We then installed the front vises, glued and fit the dogs, glued and screwed the runners on for the shelf and tool tray, and sanded the dovetails. […]

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On Pegging Tenons and Fixing Mistakes!

Pegging Tenons I wanted to share a couple tips and tricks with you for pegging the tenons on your workbench. I have been pegging all the mortise and tenons on these bench bases, using 3/8″ oak dowels from Home Depot. (See more posts on the current and previous workbench projects here). I start by laying […]

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