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Frank Planing

Sharpening Course Intro

Few things make the difference between success and failure as a fine, hand tool woodworker more than the sharpness of your tools. And nothing makes woodworking more frustrating than a dull edge. In this course, Frank Strazza will show you his secrets for honing a razor edge on your woodworking tools. What You’ll Learn in the […]

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Dresser Course Completed!

Wow, we’re done! No it didn’t take 5 weeks, it’s just that I have finally recovered enough to write about it! It really was a great 2 weeks with 5 enthusiastic students. Each one completed a dresser with over 75 hand cut dovetails! The drawers were done with half blind dovetails in the front with […]

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Ironing out the wrinkles!

This past week we have been working quite hard on 5 handmade dressers. This week will be a dovetail extravaganza; as we have all the cases completed, our attention will be turned to the drawers. As the students worked on the cases side, planing, scraping and sanding, I hear the occasional, “Oh no, there is […]

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Dresser Class 2012

  We are well into our annual dresser course with 5 students, each making a beautiful 4-drawer dresser that they will take home at the end of this 2 week class. The week started by hand planing and scraping the insides of the chest sides, then each person hand cut 8 dado joints and then […]

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New Blanket Chest Course

As I stated in my last post I have gotten a bit behind on writing in the blog. I was faced with the question on whether I should just write starting from now, or if I should go back and write about all the wonderful classes that we had, even though some of them were  […]

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Fine Tool Box

We just completed a fine tool box course. Each student built a very handsome box complete with 4 drawers that were veneered in black walnut which we resawed.  I chose a superior grade of alder for each box which was absolutely lovely to work with.  Traditionally tool boxes were built using pine because it is […]

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