Big Mesquite Table part two

I wanted to show some more of the details on this big conference table. I used 3″ steel tubes to support the center of the table and allow for more knee room.

Steel tubes

The steel has an angle cut onto it and a lip to allow the top to lift the base if needed and still retain the strength of the wood trestle parts. I’ll show a close up as well. The lip fits in a slot and then I bolt down the steel through the hole in the top.

The recess

Here is a shot of gluing up the base. 1 1/4″ thick mortice and tenons, and I sprayed one coat of lacquer onto the pieces first, just in case a little glue got somewhere it shouldn’t have.


Base fitting

Here you can see the base and the underside of the top. I can barely lift one end of the base by myself. The Mesquite, 6″x 6″ x 44″ long trestle pieces are very heavy. The through tenon I drilled part way on a drill press and finished with a chisel for final fit.

Base with the top on

One Response to Big Mesquite Table part two

  1. Larry G. Bevill April 16, 2019 at 8:31 AM #

    This table is a masterpiece. I noticed how you carefully selected the “feet” with a natural curved section so that it both fit perfectly on the floor as well as leaving that “live” edge. Awesome wood selection.