4 Drawer Dresser Class

This week and last, we have had a 4 drawer dresser class going on, and I was thinking about dovetails. These tails are all hand cut, and each drawer is a different size. 🙂 It’s certainly a challenge, but why else would someone want to do them?

The drawer sides are Maple and the drawer fronts are Black Walnut.

The guys have done well, and the dressers are really nice. Since I’m a woodworker, and since you can’t see the half-blind dovetails from the front of the dresser, one of my favorite shots is with all the drawers in a line showing off their craftsmanship! I will put up more pics of them once finished.

A nice row of dovetails! These tails are on the side boards and are set inside the cabinet where they will ultimately reside.

Some nice matching pins. I like to have the boards all stickered with air between them so that humidity changes don’t warp the wood.

Half blind dovetails all put together; drawers inserted into the cabinet.

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