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7 Drawer Dresser Build Step by Step

Last Minute Final Touches to the 7 Drawer Dresser!

  The last step to completing the dresser is to attach the top. Normally I simply attach it with fasteners through the dovetailed rails that I wrote about in a previous post. However, I have had tapered sliding dovetails burning on my mind. I just got through writing an article for Popular Woodworking on how […]

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Hidden Joinery Underneath the 7 Drawer Dresser Top

  Oftentimes when building a piece of furniture there are more hidden joints than visible ones. This is the case for the network of joints that comprise the top frame of this 7 drawer dresser I have been building. There are several dovetail joints that strengthen the upper frame of the dresser and allowing me […]

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Dresser Drawers Started – 7 Drawer Dresser Project, Continued

Read all about Frank’s dresser project progress.   It’s time to begin building the dresser drawers. I have spent a fair amount of time choosing the wood for the drawer fronts. In fact I was very pleased with the wood for the lower drawers: the grain runs all the way through and the lower 4 drawer […]

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Tapered Sliding Dovetails – 7 Drawer Dresser Project Continued

Read all about Frank’s dresser project progress.   Now that I have the whole dresser glued up, which by the way was a challenge! I glued up most of it with the help of my 9-year-old and then just in time, Jonathan Schwennesen came by the shop and offered me a hand to put some of […]

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