A Boring Day!

Boring holes


Today was spent boring all the holes in the seats for our Windsor Chairs. The chair seats have an amazing complexity of angles that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming! We started by laying out the angles from seat patterns, drawing sight lines onto the seats and drilling out the holes.

After the holes are drilled we then reamed them out using a tapered bit. This allows the tapered legs to fit snugly in place into the seat. The challenge here is to keep the angles consistent.

Reaming out the holes


A little over half the day was spent boring, then we moved onto carving the seats. Using tools like the gutter adze, scorp and travisher.

Using a gutter adze


Shaping the seats


One of the students took this picture of me demonstrating carving the rim around the seat. The shavings that are produced from some of the tools can take on amazing shapes!

Carving the gutter around the seat edge


A beautiful shaving


We will be making many more shavings tomorrow, as we must carve more, drill holes, turn stretchers and start gluing up the under carriage. 


Frank Strazza

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