Dresser Course Flying Along!

Time seems to be flying by as Don and Bob are nearing the finish line on their dressers. Each one of the guys is making a fine dresser out of solid cherry, complete with hand-cut dovetails and hand-planed drawer bottoms, as well as a beautiful mortise-and-tenon back with raised panels.

Here they are cutting the tenons for the back frame.

Don is hand planing the raised panel for the back. All of the drawer bottoms were done in the same manner. It really is quite simple, for a panel that is 1/2″ thick you want to bevel it down to 3/16″ and over 1 1/2″, this will allow it to fit nicely in a 1/4″ groove.

Here Bob is coping out the waste  on one of the many dovetails, while Don is scraping his drawer parts. The drawers are dovetailed all the way around, with through dovetails on the back and half blind dovetails on the front.

Bob is chiseling out the waste on one of the many half blind dovetails in the chest.

Many finely hand cut parts scraped and ready for glue up.

Here is Don gluing up one of the 4 dresser drawers. It fits nice!

Well I am quite pleased with how the class is moving along, at this rate each one of the guys will leave with a completed heirloom quality chest of drawers, and of course the skills to be able to make more at home. Bob says that he has to make at least 3 more for his grandchildren!

I will keep you posted on the progress, only 3 days left!

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