July Foundational Course

We had a full  foundational course which turned out great, it ended right on the July 4th weekend. It is always neat when you have people come from all over the country, from all walks of life and spend 6 days working together!

In this class we had an army colonel, a restoration architect, a nurse, a tool collector, a university professor and a lawyer just to name a few.  Thank you to all who took the class and I hope to see you back again to take another course. I have enclosed a few pictures of the week. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Here is Dick chopping mortises, notice his stance, its just right for mortising!

Curtis is sawing the tapers on the legs for his table.

Jared carefully chiseling out his arches on the table aprons. Using the chisel with a few stop cuts goes very fast.

Keith is shaping the legs with the drawknife on the shaving horse, he said it was 100 times faster than sawing!

All six shaving horses had riders, shaping away their legs!

Jonathan is giving  a lecture on gluing up a table.

Here James and Dick are helping each other glue up.

Jack is gluing up his table.

Emily is quite excited to be finished!

Matt and Emily took the class together and each did a great job. I think its great that a married couple can enjoy a craft together.

Here is the group picture. Each person left with a finished table, shelf, and box.

If you are interested in the next Foundational Course please click on the link and sign up soon. They do fill fast! I hope to see you all again in the near future and remember we have a whole bunch of new classes for all of you who have taken the Foundational Course already, including a blanket chest, a couple different rocking chairs, a chest of drawers and a tool box to put all your fine tools in!

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