Next On-Campus Woodworking Courses Coming Up!

Well, we’ve got three upcoming on-campus one-day classes next week–The Art of SharpeningHandplanes – Their History and Use and Hand-Cutting Dovetails.

Sharpening Hand Saw

In The Art of Sharpening course, you’ll end any frustration with getting the edge and shavings you want. Putting together time-tested methods and modern techniques, we’ll show you how to get a razor edge every time on chisels, planes, saws, scrapers and knives. You can even bring your own tools and sharpen them up! Sign up now.


In Handplanes – Their History and Use you’ll discover the skill of hand planing. Tune, sharpen and use a bench plane and learn about the many other planes in woodworking–rabbet planes, shoulder planes, block planes, panel-raising planes, low angle planes and molding planes. We’ll provide all the planes you’ll need, but feel free to bring your own plane, either an old one to restore or a new one to tune. Sign up now.

Why learn about planes? You’ll get higher quality and get rid of a ton of power sanding, machine planing, and trimming.


In Hand-Cutting Dovetails, you’ll learn how to hand-cut through and half-blind dovetails by hand–the signature of fine woodworking. You’ll go through layout procedures, sizing, patterns etc.–essential to this joint and many other areas of woodworking. Then you’ll start developing complex dovetails: sliding tapered dovetails and full-blind mitered dovetails. Sign up now.

We provide all the materials, tools and related equipment. Students who wish to bring their own tools are welcome to do so.

Can’t make it to Texas? Learn all about sharpening, hand planes, dovetails and more at our online woodworking classes!

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