Spice Box and Rocking Chair Class

Hello from the Heritage School of Woodworking!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Here at the shop, I find time has left us behind again, but that’s become a common feeling.

Earlier this year I received a number of requests for our Brazos rocking chair class that we offered in May. Unfortunately, some people weren’t able to come to the class because it was filled, so we scheduled a second class in August for those who still wanted to make the rocking chair. So if anyone still wants to build the chair we have several openings in the upcoming class on August 21st – Sept 2nd. I know it’s late notice, but if anyone can make it to the class we wanted to let you know.


Also, I wanted to show a few pictures of a project I am building for a client. Usually, I get to build at least one really nice piece of furniture a year and this is the project for this year! A small spice box with 11 drawers all veneered on the fronts, needlepoint dovetails and a lot of string inlay. It also has several secret compartments, which I’ve been wanting to learn more about. I have a concept in my mind for a tool cabinet that uses many of the features of this spice box, like secret compartments, string inlay and marquetry veneer. Unfortunately, it may be several years before I have the time or resources to build my tool cabinet. But I am really enjoying the fine details of this project, I am amazed at how much detail such a seemingly small project demands.

Many small dovetails

11 Veneered drawer fronts

Cleaning the pins with a fishtail chisel, I almost came to the conclusion that this was a useless tool, but it was very useful for these small pins.

What I am working on now, cutting the grooves for the holly inlay

French polished drawers




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