The First Week of the Brazos Rocker Course

Tim and Frank spokeshaving the back crest rail on the shaving horse

Well the first week has come and gone for the students in the Brazos Rocker course. As some of you may know, this chair is a complex rocking chair with many hand cut mortise and tenons and lots of shaping done with the spokeshave.

This past week was spent cutting many mortises by hand, as well as hand cutting the tenons. The key to this chair is to cut the joinery first, and then shape the curves, which is done with the spokeshave. The shaving horse really makes it quite easy to hold the parts while working on them.

A week’s worth of work on one chair

We will just have one more week to complete the chairs, which includes, shaping the back legs, gluing up the back assembly, cutting the angled tenons as well as the seat, arms and rockers! We certainly have a lot to do, but everyone should leave with a finished chair.

If you are interested in attending the next Brazos Rocker Course you will need to have taken the Foundational Course first.

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