Woodcraft Grand Opening in Austin Texas

Woodcraft Grand Opening Austin Texas

Woodcraft Grand Opening, Austin Texas

Tomorrow you will find me in Austin Texas at the new Woodcraft store, demonstrating woodworking unplugged!

Friday and Saturday, June 12-13 will be the Grand opening event of the newest Woodcraft store in Austin Texas. I will be demoing as usual some of the different techniques that you can learn in many of our handtool classes. I will show you how to handcut half blind and through dovetails as well as an inlaid star and even some hand molded picture frames. All of this will be unplugged, handtools only!

I will also have for sale several sets of our newest DVD series and it will be discounted for this event.

So I hope you can come by and see us. There will be several power tool reps there and I hear that Scott Phillips from American Woodshop will be there on Saturday as well.

And they will have food and drinks too!

So bring the family and stay awhile, I checked out the new Woodcraft store just the other day and it’s quite impressive.

Frank Strazza

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