Woodturning on my mind. For good reason!

The subject of woodturning has been on my mind because I’m fixing to have to turn about 220 tenons on the end of chair rungs. I turn not because I necessarily enjoy the process of turning, but because I have to for furniture making. However, there are some that turn for the enjoyment of it and who are absolutely spectacular.


We will be at a woodturning convention–actually the second largest of its type in the country–that will be held right here in our hometown of Waco, Texas at the Waco Convention Center on August the 22nd through the 24th, put on by the Southwest Association of Turners, an association of 27 woodturning clubs in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

phoca_thumb_l_swat_2013_016They have world-class, top-notch instructors giving demonstrations and classes throughout the three days of the show. There’s also an extremely large and very diverse gallery which will feature woodturners and their turnings from across the country. This is a huge event and if you’re anywhere near the area I would highly encourage you to come.

I enjoy just going through and looking at the gallery seeing the different works the people have made. It’s very inspirational and maybe someday I’ll move beyond turning the ends of tenons on chair rungs and moving to something more enjoyable like, who knows, maybe turning a beautiful bowl someday.

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Here’s a gallery some of the work the displayed at last year’s show:

Frank Strazza

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