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Hound’s Tooth Dovetail Series 2 of 3

In the second of a 3-part series, Frank discusses and demonstrates the proper methods for cutting the tails on a traditional Hound’s Tooth needlepoint dovetail. The dovetails are being cut on a split-top Roubo workbench that he’s currently building. Video Transcript: OK, so before we cut the tails, I want to talk about probably the […]

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Hide Glue

In this post, Frank discusses the historical uses of hide glue, it’s pro’s and cons and how it compares to yellow glue. He also discusses the proper way to prepare and apply the glue on projects using traditional joinery techniques. Video Transcript Hi. My name is Frank Strazza, with the Heritage School of Woodworking. In […]

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A drawboring demonstration.

Instructor Frank Strazza demonstrates the centuries old technique of drawboring joinery during the construction of a traditional Roubo¬†workbench. The bench is constructed using hard maple. Frank is pegging the mortise and tenons using oak pegs. Watch as he uses a 3 lb. sledge hammer to drive the pegs home, drawing the joint closed with not […]

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