Blanket Chest Course Completed


I have been meaning to write about this class for a while but you know how time seems to slip by without you knowing!

We recently finished a wonderful blanket chest course, with 4 students completing their chests. They were made with cherry as the primary wood and curly maple as the panel wood. The sides were all dovetailed by hand. The top is mortise-and-tenoned with the raised panels, which were all handplaned. Our next class is scheduled and can be found right here.

Dawn was making hers as a wedding gift. I suggested that she inlay the couples name in the lid. I helped her out by cutting out the name in marquetry using a fret saw and my chevalet.


She went ahead and inlaid the oval into the inside of the panel at her home shop. The primary wood is curly cherry with maple letters.  Dawn sent along these pictures showing her finished work. I think it turned out wonderful!


I hope to do a simple marquetry class in the near future, where you will learn how to cut simple designs and even do some lettering as well. Stay tuned to our blog for that.

Frank Strazza


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