Completed Rocking Chair Course

We just completed another rocking chair course this past week. We had a great group of guys and everyone had a great time. We had three chairs made out of walnut, and Jerry made his out of cherry.

One of the unique points of our school is that we do our best to make sure that everyone leaves with a completed project.  There is always a little work left for the student to do at home, mainly some finish sanding and of course, applying the finish. For all of you that are ready to oil your chairs, be sure to check out my blog on Finishing with Danish oil.

If you are interested in taking the next rocking chair course, we have just put out the dates for 2012! The Foundational Course is a prerequisite, so you must have taken that first, and then you can sign up here for the next Rocking Chair Course.  Not only will you leave with a lot of new skills but you will be rocking your way home in a new chair!

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