Course Intro: Log to Spoon

LogToSpoon-1In the From a Log to a Spoon online lesson, Frank Strazza will show you how to make a Swedish-style Spoon starting with a log straight from the woods or from the firewood pile using green woodworking. You’ll learn how to select your log for best splitting and carving. Then, Frank shows you how to split the log with a froe and mallet and how to rough shape the spoon using a hatchet, crosscut saw, the froe and “chopping-splitting” method–without cutting your fingers off.

Frank then takes you inside to the workbench, where he carves the bowl of the spoon with a mallet and gouge. As he does so, he discusses gouge technique (including the surprising fact that a mallet gives more control than your hands on rough work!) and how to work with the grain. Frank then moves to the shaving horse to shape the spoon using the drawknife and spokeshave before fine-tuning and smoothing it with a scraper and Swedish knife.

You’ll learn the difference between working with wet or dry wood and the pros and cons of scraping or sanding. Frank then discusses what types of oils are best to finish the spoon with.

All together, this project is perfect for beginners. But those with more skills will definitely pick something new up with Frank’s careful instruction method. It can be done in a short time and with few tools (see the complete list below). And, as it’s what Frank refers to as “sculptural woodworking”  it’s not exact; in fact, a few minor imperfections can add to the rustic feel (literally!)

As Frank puts it:

LogToSpoon-5I think my favorite part about spoons like this is you have the character marks. ….you can see the light reflecting off of the facets that were created by the knife and the spokeshave. And for me that’s the rewarding part about making spoons, especially making them directly from the log.

Every one is unique, different. The grain is different. The shape is different. And we have something that we’ve created right from the log and that we can use.

In this delightful video, you will see a spoon take shape out of a rough piece of firewood. Learn how, and try your own hand at this rewarding, simple project! And as always, Frank will patiently show you every technique you need and how to stay safe–in full HD with great music. See it now.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Bow sawLogToSpoon-3
  • Froe
  • Hatchet
  • Crosscut Saw
  • Large Mallet (Froe Club or Maul)
  • Bench
  • Holdfast
  • Gouge (seven sweep 25 millimeter wide Swiss 725)
  • Small Mallet
  • Shaving Horse
  • Drawknife
  • Spokeshave
  • Scraper
  • Swedish knife

See this course intro for a taste of the lesson:

See the course.

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