Trip To Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Jonathan and I had a wonderful time in Maine. We packed a whole lot in just a few short days. We met and reconnected with so many great people at Lie-Nielsen. We even got a personal tour of the shop and were able to see all the tools being made. Wow–what incredible detail! A lot of hand work goes into each and every tool! There were several demonstrators there, including Peter Follansbee, Mary May, Chris Schwarz, Chris Becksvort, Isaac Blackburn and Matthew Bickford, just to name a few.

I built a little box and did some inlay on it, all during the show. It was made for a bronze number 4 plane and I presented it to Tom Lie-Nielsen at the end of the show.

We ended the show with a traditional lobster bake and a great talk by Peter Follansbee, who is a wonderful speaker and a great craftsman.



If you have never been to Lie-Nielsen its time you start planning your trip; you will be glad you did!

The following day, we took a 2-hour sailing trip out of the little town of Camden where we were staying. We sailed on a wooden schooner built almost 100 years ago. What a great Maine experience! I am going to write more about this in another post, it was just too impressive!

Then on to our friend Thomas Moser of Moser Cabinetmakers.

We had the wonderful oppurtunity to stay at his place which is on an island overlooking the tidal waters of the Atlantic ocean. It was a slice of heaven indeed! We then got a personal tour of Moser’s shop. It was a real treat spending time with Mr. Moser.


I can’t wait to return..

Frank Strazza



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