Great Foundational Course Completed

We just finished up another foundational course with folks traveling from all over the USA.  David and Paul are brothers, one living in Washington State and the other living in Florida. Here they are hard at work, carefully paring the tenons on their tables!

Here is Bill from Colorado, hand-sawing the tapers on the legs for his table.

The last day of the class is spent cutting arches, button mortises, as well as tapers on the legs. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this, including hand-sawing the tapers as well as using the drawknife, while the leg is clamped in the shaving horse. At first this may seem a bit rough, but it is amazing how smooth a surface can be obtained with the drawknife.

After all the joints have been fit, its time for glue up. Here Jonathan shows the group the best way to glue up a table!

Here is a picture of the finished class, each one made a box, shelf and a table, and learned many hand skills to be able to apply to many different projects. If you are interested in the next Foundational Course please click here: Foundational Course

One Response to Great Foundational Course Completed

  1. Dawn Sandlin May 11, 2011 at 2:49 AM #

    Fabulous class! After returning home, I looked at my unfinished, pre-class project.. a miter station. I had put the project aside because I got stuck and didn’t know how to continue. Now, I do. Every little step of the way, I realize I truly learned new skills. This evening, I made a simple box frame for a ‘marching machine’ (a simple percussion instrument that sounds like soldiers marching for our July 4th concert). The frame is actually square! 🙂 Of course, I have a very, very long way to go but you gave me confidence to start. Thank you both, Frank and Mark, for sharing your knowledge, yourselves and your community. Jonathan, too. You are all terrific teachers. In another year or two, my eyes are peeled for another class. I’m thinking of a dresser..

    Oh, and my son is the happy recepient of my old, difficult-to-adjust, bottom-of-the-line Stanley plane and I bought a Lie Nielsen. Thanks for the suggestion. Worth every penny.