Great Foundational Course in August

To all those that took the Foundational Course in August, I am finally putting up pictures! I have enclosed several more below, just click on them and they will enlarge.

We had a great class with several students joining us for the last 3 days to complete their Joinery III class. Early in the week we focused on learning all the joints.  It was good to see the student’s progress as many of them were unfamiliar with hand tools when they came to class.  It seemed like their skills really developed during the week.

The café was a big hit.  The taco salad seemed to be a fan favorite.  With temperatures over 100 degrees the ice tea from the café as well as the AC in the woodshop also went over well.

We have made the switch to alder wood for the box and shelf from the pine that we had used in the past.  Students still get the majority of the benefits of the workability of pine but have the added benefit of the look and patina of a hardwood.  Students enjoyed the change and those that joined the class for the last three days admired the beauty of the alder wood.

The last three days were very enjoyable.  The changing grain and knots in the walnut gave a tremendous lesson to the students about working with wood.  The idea that the grain reverses at a knot was very helpful to many of them.  The highlight of the week is when we get out the draw knives and the shave horses.  There is something so pleasing about this work.  Before you know it the square legs now have a beautiful taper.  The crunch of the thick shaving underneath your feet so much the better than the roar of a table saw!

Thank you all for taking the course and making it a great class. I look forward to your return.

A note to everyone, we have just published our 2012 calendar so check out all the new classes. If there is a class you want to take, don’t wait! Here is a link to the class calendar.

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