New Blanket Chest Course

As I stated in my last post I have gotten a bit behind on writing in the blog. I was faced with the question on whether I should just write starting from now, or if I should go back and write about all the wonderful classes that we had, even though some of them were  over a month ago. Well I chose the latter.

The first week in August we had a blanket chest course which was a part of our new class series. In an effort to expand our project classes and teach new skills we developed this blanket chest course. It was by far our most popular new course, we had 6 students who signed up for it.

Cutting dovetails in the large chest sides was probably the most challenging part but everyone did well. There is a lot of work even after the dovetails are cut, including making the frame and panel lid, which is all mortise and tenon with a raised panel lid.

I have enclosed several pictures of work in progress below.

Carl sent in a picture of his finished chest after he oiled it. I think it turned out beautiful.

If you are interested in signing up for the next class in 2012 we have just published the schedule and have 2 offerings for the blanked chest. Click here to sign up..              BLANKET CHEST COURSE

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