Lie-Nielsen Event this Weekend in Dallas Texas!

Lie-Nielsen Dallas

Come join us this weekend April 10-11 in Dallas Texas at Woodworld. Lie-Nielsen will be hosting another of their fabulous hand tool events. This is going to be a fun packed weekend where you can try your hand on any of the Lie-Nielsen tools you have been dreaming about!

Plus there will be others there too, including the famous Lynn Dowd and his great old tool collection. I always look forward to seeing what he has to offer. Plus his wife Tracy might bring some of her pies, no guarantees but I sure hope so!

There are going to be a few new presenters as well, Texas Heritage Woodworks will be there, Jason makes some great tool rolls and leather aprons, just what you need to protect all those valuable tools.

I am looking forward to meeting Anne Briggs who wrote a very nice review about our online videos. It will be great to see Shawn Graham from Worth the Effort School.

Jonathan will be there on Friday showing you all some dovetails and other neat tips and tricks. I will be there on Saturday to give Lynn a hard time and see what tools I might need to take home. Seriously, I will be there doing some demos throughout the day as well. I am going to bring a new Roubo bench that I am just finishing up building.

Beautiful Tools!

So I hope to see all our old friends and some new folks as well. You can get all the info right here!


Frank Strazza

2 Responses to Lie-Nielsen Event this Weekend in Dallas Texas!

  1. Marilyn April 8, 2015 at 5:52 PM #

    Doh! Should have planned a trip to Dallas this weekend. Darn, sounds like lots of fun that I’m going to miss. 🙂

    • Frank Strazza April 8, 2015 at 6:45 PM #

      Never too late, just jump in the car and come on over!