Woodturning Show this Weekend in Waco: Worth the trip!

South West Association of Turnerswoodturning showIf woodturning is of any interest to you then I highly recommend coming down to the Waco Convention Center for the 2nd largest woodturning show in the country, happening this weekend.

The South West Association of Turners (otherwise known as SWAT) will be holding their annual woodturning convention this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 22-24, right here in our home town of Waco, Texas. There will be well-known woodturners from all around the globe, giving lectures as well as demonstrations. There will also be a very large marketplace with tools, wood, books, glues and even some lathes to buy!

We will have a booth and will be giving demonstrations throughout all three days.

They will have a fabulous gallery, which is the main reason I like to go: just to see the incredible work that these turners have produced.

So if you have some time this weekend, come on down to Waco. Also, check out our previous blog post on woodturning and the convention.

Since you’re in town, come out and see the Heritage School of Woodworking workshop, nestled in a beautiful craft village, where you can see a class in action, our fine wood furniture, and much more. Enjoy the rest of our living village, which includes pottery, blacksmithing, fiber crafts, a gristmill, a homestead farm, a general store, cheese makers, barn builders and the Barn full of the related crafts. And then enjoy some of the great food at award-winning Cafe Homestead.

Frank Strazza

Check out and sign up for our own woodturning classes. Don’t forget our new online courses–we’re putting out even more!

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