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Time To Enter the Texas Furniture Makers Show

Have you ever considered entering the Texas Furniture Makers Show? Well, now is your opportunity! This is a great chance to get to know and meet other woodworkers and furniture makers. It is not limited to wood furniture but metal, stone, plastics, cardboard, grass–now that’s going a little far, but really it is up to […]

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Passing Along the Traditions

This weekend I went out to cut firewood; it’s that time of year. I brought along my 9-year-old son whom I have taught how to split wood. I found some trees that had been bulldozed over for a clearing. We went on site and found some very straight timber. To the surprise of the landowner […]

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How to Make a Benchtop Shaving Horse

I ran across this Benchtop Shaving Horse the other day in an old Living Woods magazine. It was designed by Nick Gibbs for the Forest Education Initiative in the U.K., based on an idea for standing horses shown in an earlier Living Woods by James Mursell and Bob Slade. What makes this interesting is that it’s great if you don’t have […]

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Sharpening Hand Saw

Next On-Campus Woodworking Courses Coming Up!

Well, we’ve got three upcoming on-campus one-day classes next week–The Art of Sharpening, Handplanes – Their History and Use and Hand-Cutting Dovetails. In The Art of Sharpening course, you’ll end any frustration with getting the edge and shavings you want. Putting together time-tested methods and modern techniques, we’ll show you how to get a razor edge every time on chisels, […]

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Out of space? No problem with Shop Size here!

One common woodworking question is, “How large should my shop be?” It seems that woodworkers always need more space. (If only we could fit that next dream machine!) Even if you’ve got a shop space already, it’s often smaller than most of us would like–a garage, spare room, or closet sometimes just doesn’t seem big enough. […]

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