Texas Furniture Makers Show is Open!

The 13th annual Texas Furniture Maker’s Show in Kerrville Texas, opens today and will run through December 8th  .  As usual, the show displays a large range of innovative ideas in furniture. Had I named it, I might have to call it the Texas 4-legged show! The show consists primarily of tables, one of which I contributed.

I delivered my table on Monday and had a chance to look around at some of the other pieces. I was impressed with the overall quality of the furniture and the fit and finish of many pieces.

The judging and awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 17th. One of the main judges is a nationally renowned furniture maker from Massachusetts, Philip Lowe. He specializes in period furniture and is one of the best furniture makers in the country. Some years back, Philip was the head instructor at the North Bennet Street School. He will be giving a lecture on his work at 2:30 on the 17th of November. If you are near the area you won’t want to miss this opportunity to listen to a master. Plus you’ll get to see the furniture at the show too! The cost of the seminar is only $20. For more information go to the website of the Furniture Show and sign up.

I took a few pictures while delivering my furniture, so I will give you a sneak preview of what is there; of course pictures don’t do it justice, so you will have to go and check it out yourself.

Here is Jeremy Grubbs’ table.The detail and finish are nearly flawless.

Here is a beautiful blanket chest made by John Burton.

Alton Bowman outdid himself on this lavishly decorated roll top desk, inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone shell. It is truly an exquisite piece.



Here is the hall table that I made. I will be posting more pictures and some more details in a future post so stay tuned!


Frank Strazza


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  1. Landon November 9, 2012 at 7:59 AM #

    Frank your table is lovely!! I hope it gets the first place prize it deserves!!