Upcoming Craftsman Rocking Chair Course

Jonathan helping with a glue up

Have you ever wanted to build your own rocking chair? Well now is your opportunity! We have a class for all those that have taken the Foundational course coming up in just a week and half.

On April 13 we have a few openings left for our 6 day Craftsman Rocking Chair course. The class size on this course is small so you will have lots of one on one time with the instructor and you are guaranteed to leave with a completed chair! The skills that you will learn are the same skills needed to make most any type of frame chair. In fact this same design can be adapted for a dining chair. The class is done primarily with handtools but we do sneak in a few machines to help speed up the process! When you arrive on Monday morning most of the chair parts will already be roughed out and ready to start the layout and the joinery.

Gluing up the back frame

You can find all the information about the course and how to sign up right here.

So don’t wait, sign up now to build a family heirloom and learn the skills to be able to build countless more for family and friends!

A happy student!

We look forward to seeing you back in the shop.

Frank Strazza

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